Master Accounting & Control

Control the finer points of financial management and financial statements, master the world of accountancy and corporate governance IFRS: a help or a headache? Well, maybe the International Financial Reporting Standards are a bit of both. But rest assured, this Master’s will give you a solid grounding in IFRS, one that will enable you to understand the increasing complexity of state-of-the-art financial reporting. How much is too much? The rewards reaped by top managers are the subject o...
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Master of Science in Accounting, Auditing and Control (MSc)

Think critically. Master the latest rules and become an expert in finance and economics. Go international through courses that will get you to the top in, e.g., accounting, auditing, controlling or consultancy. Master the ins and outs of collecting, categorising, summarising, analysing and using financial data. Get the techniques and frameworks you need to evaluate how auditing and control are done. The Erasmus School of Economics has a strong international reputation. Rotterdam is a world hu...
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