De Bildung Academie lanceert Master 2019/2020: persoonlijk, actueel en ondernemend onderwijs

Op 4 april werd de Master van de Bildung Academie in FreedomLab te Amsterdam gepresenteerd door sprekers als prof. mr. Eugene Sutorius (retorica). Vanuit een urgentie voor een verandering van het huidige onderwijslandschap presenteerde de Bildung Academie de filosofie achter deze Bildung Master: een jaar lang leren, doen en ervaren in kleine groepen met persoonlijke begeleiding. Met als doel: persoonlijke ontwikkeling, inzicht in eigen capaciteiten en deze vertalen naar actie. Want wat heb je...
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Master Sustainable Business and Innovation

Are you interested in firms’ strategies for innovating in a sustainable way and being socially responsible? Do you want to find out more about sustainability challenges and technological options that can be used by firms to produce in a more environmental friendly manner? Do you want to gain social science knowledge that creates insight in the behaviour of organisations? Then find out more about the Master’s programme Sustainable Business and Innovation. This programme has a strong foc...
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Master Innovation Management

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The Innovation Management Master's program focuses on the issues of how to analyze, design and manage new product processes in technology-driven firms. Because in today’s turbulent business environment where innovation often involves (quasi) external acquisition of technology and/or close collaboration with customers, suppliers and competitors, open innovation is a vital perspective. The program also pays attention to other forms of new business development, including entrepreneurship ...
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Master Strategic Innovation Management

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How do you build an organization that is geared towards innovation? And how can you transform creative ideas into successful innovations? You will learn all about it in this programme. In manufacturing, technical quality plays a role, but design and strategic manoeuvring in relation to competitors are equally important. Strategic management, especially regarding innovation, is crucial for firms to survive and thrive in today's turbulent business environment. In the Strategic Innovation Mana...
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