Entrepreneurship (Joint Master’s Programme)

vuEntrepreneurship has become an independent and mature academic discipline with its own theories, models and tools. Research shows that entrepreneurship encourages innovation, increases social mobility and enhances labour market flexibility, and is indispensable to economic prosperity. In addition, it can solve social problems and sustainability challenges.

Responding to these developments, VU University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) have joined forces to establish a joint one-year full-time MSc programme in Entrepreneurship. Students will take classes at both universities and be taught by UvA and VU lecturers. The joint Entrepreneurship programme will be offered as of September 2014.

We see entrepreneurship as the processes of creating and exploiting opportunities by means of novel combinations of resources leading to new (social, societal and economic) value. Creativity plays a key role in these processes. We study entrepreneurial processes in all contexts where they occur: in new firms as well as existing ones (both small and large), and in institutional contexts. You will learn to appreciate the complexity and the challenges associated with the highly rewarding entrepreneurial activities in all kinds of firms and institutions and even beyond: entrepreneurship as lifestyle.

Study programme
The MSc Entrepreneurship is a joint programme offered by VU University Amsterdam in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The programme is worth 60 credits and takes one year to complete.

Programme outline

Period 1
(Sept – Oct)
Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice (ETP – 12 EC)
Period 2
(Nov – Dec)
Social Dynamics in Entrepreneurship  (SDiE – 6 EC)
Choice between three specialization courses:

  • Enterprising for a Better World  (EBW – 6 EC)
  • Entrepreneurship, Institutions & Corporations  (EIC – 6 EC)
  • New Venture Creation & Development (NVCD – 6 EC)
Period 3
Entrepreneurship Research Skills (ERS – 6 EC)
Period 4
(Feb – March)
Entrepreneurial Law and Finance (ELF – 6 EC)
Choice between three specialization courses:

  • Entrepreneurship in Science & Technology  (EST – 6 EC)
  • Entrepreneurship in the Services Industry (ESI – 6 EC)
  • Cultural Entrepreneurship (CE – 6 EC)
Period 5 and 6
(April – June)
Electives and Thesis

Contact details

Please note that for practical reasons the University of Amsterdam will process applications for both institutions.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to admissions-feb@uva.nl.We will answer your question within two working days.

You can reach us daily 10:00-11:00 and 15:00-16:00 (local time) at + 31 (0)20 – 525 4327 (except on Wednesday).

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