Master Innovation Management

logo tueThe Innovation Management Master’s program focuses on the issues of how to analyze, design and manage new product processes in technology-driven firms. Because in today’s turbulent business environment where innovation often involves (quasi) external acquisition of technology and/or close collaboration with customers, suppliers and competitors, open innovation is a vital perspective. The program also pays attention to other forms of new business development, including entrepreneurship and new venturing, i.e. how established firms spin off promising business initiatives.

As part of an industrial engineering school we focus on the operational processes of innovation and emphasize the ability to analyze and (re)design innovation processes for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. This focus sets us apart from other schools offering innovation programs like Erasmus University. Furthermore, the knowledge and skills you will learn will make you, as an individual, an important factor in enhancing any firm’s innovation capacity.

Developing successful innovations involves many challenges. For example, selecting high-opportunity projects at an early stage and preventing heavy investments in poor innovations or the dilemma that exploiting current technology may prevent firms from simultaneously developing new technology, whereas focusing on exploring new technologies may cause firms to falter in exploiting current capabilities. Another example is the “open innovation” approach, where firms collaborate extensively in their innovation process with many partners. It helps them to control costs and provides them access to important complementary knowledge. However, this “open innovation” approach is complex. It has created many new challenges such as finding suitable partners, developing relational capabilities, and protecting and dividing property rights. Launching the new product, persuading customers of its advantages, also remains a challenge.

The Innovation Management Master’s program combines an exciting variety of disciplines, from mathematics to psychology, and applies this to a wide range of business fields, including new product development, alliance management and marketing.

University Guide to Master’s 2014: IM the best!
The University Guide to Master’s 2014 cites the Innovation Management study program as the best in its field. Eindhoven students of Innovation Management  state that they are very satisfied with the content of the program, the contact hours and the fact that het program is practically oriented. The experts are very satisfied about the level of the program. Click here for more information (in Dutch).

Eindhoven University of Technology was also the best ranked Dutch University in theGlobal Employability Survey.

NVAO accreditation
This program is legally recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

IM program specifications

  • Study possibilities: Full-time
  • Degree: Master of Science
  • Language: English
  • Times of entry: September and February
  • Duration: 2 years (120 ECTS)
  • Structure of the program: first year (60 ECTS)
  • Compulsory courses: 40 ECTS (65%)
    – theory lessons and self-study
    – group design project
    – preparation for thesis
  • Electives: 20 ECTS (35%)
    – theory, lessons and self-study
    – group design project
  • Structure of the program: second year (60 ECTS)
    – Electives: 20 ECTS
    – Preparation for thesis: 10 ECTS
    – Master’s thesis project: 30 ECTS

Admission and enrollment
To apply for a TU/e Master’s program, you need a Bachelor’s degree based on a program of sufficient academic level and quality. Please choose one of the following options.
You have direct admission to the TU/e Innovation Management Master’s program if you have completed a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and Management Science at Eindhoven University of Technology.

General requirements and facts
There are a number of general requirements and facts for admission to Master’s degree programs:

  • The best fit in prior education is a degree in Industrial Engineering.
  • Admission to the master program of Innovation Management is only possible with a degree in one of the engineering sciences.
  • You must have a relevant Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), based on a program of sufficient academic level and quality to enable you to complete the TU/e Master’s degree program to which you wish to be admitted.
  • You must be able to demonstrate sufficient command of English by submitting an Academic IELTS or TOEFL test. For the required scores or exemptions, you can contact the TU/e admissions office (

Do you want to enroll for this Master’s program? Please click on this website for more information. If you have questions about admission and enrollment, you can contact the TU/e Student Service Center, telephone number: (040) 247 474.

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