Master Strategic Innovation Management

RUG_logo_IIIHow do you build an organization that is geared towards innovation? And how can you transform creative ideas into successful innovations? You will learn all about it in this programme.

In manufacturing, technical quality plays a role, but design and strategic manoeuvring in relation to competitors are equally important. Strategic management, especially regarding innovation, is crucial for firms to survive and thrive in today’s turbulent business environment. In the Strategic Innovation Management specialization, you apply relevant theories to develop insights needed to navigate this challenging frontier.

The MSc Business Administration – specialization Strategic Innovation Management is unique in focusing on strategic issues that turn innovations into commercial successes. You explore theoretical concepts and tools to understand real-life cases. In addition, you conduct your own research.


  • 1 jaar

    To fulfill the programme requirements, you need to follow four mandatory courses (5 ECs each), three electives (5ECs each), a research clinic (5 ECs) and write your Master thesis (20 ECs). The four mandatory courses are:Organizing for Innovation, Strategy & Innovation Management, Capturing Value from Innovation, Cooperating for Innovation. During the programmeyou train and develop your academic, social andcommunication skills and form an academic attitude.

Opbouw programma

Cooperating for Innovation (5 EC)
Capturing Value from Innovation (5 EC)
Master’s Thesis BA SIM (20 EC)
Research & Skills for MSc BA (5 EC)
Strategy & Innovation Management (5 EC)
Organizing for Innovation (5 EC)
Elective(s) MSc BA SIM A (5 EC)
Elective(s) MSc BA SIM B (10 EC)


Specifieke eisen Extra informatie

To be eligible for admission to this Master, you need to hold an academic Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a research university in one of the following – or closely related – fields: Business Economics, Business Administration, Econometrics and Operations Research, Economics and Business Economics, International Business, Technology Management.

To assess whether your educational/academic background meets the specific programme requirements, we will consider the level and curriculum of your previous studies, and the grades that you have obtained.

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