Master Supply Chain Management

logo51Successful implementation of a business strategy depends on excellent supply chain management. The Master’s program in Supply Chain Management is a world-class degree program that equips you with the expertise to design, implement and manage competitive operations processes and global supply and distribution networks – both essential for an organization’s competitive edge.

Academically-challenging and strongly oriented towards real-world application, the program examines how the execution of a company’s primary processes and its network with suppliers and distributors are key to its performance; how companies can develop the best global operational networks; and how to optimize the management of the distribution chain so that a company’s operations can optimally serve its customers.

A Tilburg University Master’s program in Supply Chain Management offers you:

  • Break-through scientific theory combined with insights from industry. Your combined theoretical knowledge and understanding of how to apply it in practical ways to the decisions you make will serve you throughout your future career.
  • Diverse and engaging teaching methods that challenge and inform on multiple levels, from lectures and tutorials to guest lecturers from prominent industry practitioners, group assignments and an internship at an organization.
  • Global and local perspectives on supply chain issues as reflected in the content of the program, the experiences and perspectives of your international teachers, and the contrasting ideas of your global classmates.
  • Research-Based Learning; Teaching at Tilburg University is research-based and research-driven. This means you will learn how to conduct research and how to apply it. You will be provided with the skills and attitude needed to work independently and think analytically – important skills for your future career
  • Ideal preparation for a successful career as a manager, specialist, or consultant on operations and supply chains.

There are two start dates available for this Master’s program: End of August and End of January.


Name Supply Chain Management
School Economics and Management
Language English
Start End of August and end of January
Duration One year
Title Master of Science (MSc)
Keywords Supply Chain, (international) operations
Bachelor’s degrees with direct access Bedrijfseconomie, International Business Administration, Economics Economie en Informatica, Economie en Bedrijfseconomie
Pre-Master’s program Yes, for hbo students (BE, L&E and TB) and university graduates
Specifics The program is offered in a variety of educational forms and methods: lectures, tutorials, project assignments and individual study.
After Graduation Improving and managing operations and global supply chain networks; as (account) manager, functional specialist, or consultant; in a (multinational) manufacturing or service company, government institution, logistic service provider, or outside consulting agency; PhD track

The program consists of 60 Credits (ECTS), equivalent to 1680 hours of study, offered over four units. The September entrants start the first unit with three compulsory courses and exams in October. The second unit starts at the end of October with Compulsory elective and research skills courses. The exams are offered in December and January. The third unit, runs from January to March. The last unit starts in March/April and ends in June. In the second and third unit you also make a start with the preparations for your thesis. From April on, you will be able to focus entirely on your Master’s Thesis. There is also an option to start in February.

Program for September entrants

Study Unit 1 (August-October)

  • Purchasing Management
  • Production Management
  • Distribution Management

Study Unit 2 (October-January)

  • Research Skills Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Study Unit 3 (January-March)

  • Planning, Modeling, and ICT Skills
  • Game and Advanced Topics

Study Unit 4 (March-August)

  • MSc Thesis Supply Chain Management

Program for February entrants

Study Unit 1 (February-March)

  • Planning, Modeling, and ICT Skills
  • Game and Advanced Topics

Study Unit 2 (March-August)

  • Organization Theory
  • Research Skills Supply Chain Management

Study Unit 3 (August-October)

  • Purchasing Management
  • Production Management
  • Distribution Management

Study Unit 4 (October-January)

  • MSc Thesis Supply Chain Management

Tuition fees and scholarships
Below you will find the tuition fees for all Master’s programs at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management for the academic year 2014-2015. Please note that the tuition fees for the Spring (end of January) and Fall (end of August) intake are different:

  EEA citizens (Statutory fee) Non-EEA citizens (Institutional fee)
Master’s program € 1,906 € 12,500
Pre-Master’s program € 955 – € 2,865* € 955 – € 2,865*

*Depending on the amount of courses / ECTS

  EEA citizens (Statutory fee) Non-EEA citizens (Institutional fee)
Master’s program € 1,940 € 12,709

*The tuition fees for the Spring intake 2015 are not officially determined yet. These fees are indicative. Spring intake is not applicable for all programs: the Master’s programs in Finance and International Business Tax Economics only start in the Fall. 

Some remarks:

  • Your tuition fee covers one year of study. Should you need an additional year of study to complete your degree you will be required to register for a second year and pay the tuition fee accordingly. It is important to note that tuition fee payments are non-refundable should you leave the program before its completion.
  • Students who already obtained a Master’s degree at a Dutch university will not be eligible to pay the low statutory fee. These students will have to pay the institutional fee, since they will no longer be subsidized by the government.
  • You have the opportunity to apply for a loan (collegegeldkrediet) from the Dutch government to cover the costs of your degree if you are a student from an EU/EEA country. You can find more information on the website of DUO.

Please note that no rights can be derived from the rates mentioned. They are subject to change. 

At Tilburg University, we have scholarship opportunities available for outstanding international non-EU students who have been admitted into a Master’s program (MA, MSc or LLM).