Master Sustainable Business and Innovation

  • logo-uuAre you interested in firms’ strategies for innovating in a sustainable way and being socially responsible?
  • Do you want to find out more about sustainability challenges and technological options that can be used by firms to produce in a more environmental friendly manner?
  • Do you want to gain social science knowledge that creates insight in the behaviour of organisations?

Then find out more about the Master’s programme Sustainable Business and Innovation. This programme has a strong focus on business and is designed in cooperation with international firms.

Become a change agent
This Master’s programme will be the perfect preparation if you would like to be a sustainability change agent in a firm and fulfill job positions like sustainability officer or sustainability director.

In this integrated natural science – social science program you will learn about:

  • the sustainability challenges for firms
  • the options they have to change
  • the methods that they can use to choose between alternatives
  • the obstacles and drivers for change processes

Clear call from society
There is a clear call from society for firms to produce and behave in a more sustainable way. This implies producing products that will be recycled, using non toxic materials and chemicals, using renewable energy and materials in production processes, and producing very low emissions to air, water and soil and assuring a similar sustainable performance of their supply chain partners. Some firms are front-runners in sustainable production, but many still lag behind.

Taught degree programme Language: English Type of education: full-time
Start: september and february Duration: 2 years Degree: MSc
Statutory tuition fee: 1.906 euro (2014-2015) Scholarship: Yes
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Institutional tuition fee: 18.850 euro (2014-2015)
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Offered by: Faculty of Geosciences; Graduate School of Geosciences
This Master’s programme is officially registered under the name Science and Innovation (code 60709).

Study Programme
Sustainable Business and Innovation is a two-year Master’s programme which is taught in English and consists of courses and projects, totaling 120 points in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The first year you will be following different courses, while the second year focuses on the internship graduation project and Master’s thesis.

In this programme you obtain insight in firm strategies in order to innovate in a sustainable way and will be able to obtain practical experience and knowledge within a firm.

Natural and social science topics
The combination of both natural and social science courses is the unique strength of this programme. No other programme will teach you the full package of knowledge fields that are necessary to function well in a firm on sustainability issues. We provide a combination of natural and social science courses on:

  • understanding environmental problems
  • understanding the technological options to deal with these problems
  • methods and techniques to assess the sustainability profile of products and service
  • knowledge on change and innovation processes
  • knowledge on business strategy

The natural science topics will provide insight in sustainability challenges and provide technological options that firms can use to produce in a more environmental friendly way. Natural science topics include:

  • climate change
  • energy and resources
  • water and ecosystems
  • assessment methods
  • industrial ecology

The social science topics create insight in the behaviour of firms in order to fulfil the growing societal demand of producing in a sustainable and responsible manner. Social science topics include:

  • organisation science
  • sustainable innovation
  • institutional theory and sustainable policy
  • economics of sustainable technological change
  • sustainable business models
  • business strategies
  • theory of organisational change

You are welcome to apply for Sustainable Business and Innovation. There is no set limit to the number of students accepted.The decision of the admissions committee will be based largely on: 

  • prior education (including (optional) course profile and specific knowledge)
  • motivation and talent
  • grade point average

The minimum capacities that are required in prior education concern:

  • some general insight in sustainability issues and/or innovation (from a social-science or natural science perspective);
  • research skills;
  • a basic level of knowledge in natural sciences.
Please note that no one will be admitted to this programme directly. A decision will always be made on a case-by-case basis to determine whether there are sufficient grounds for admission. More information about relevant qualifications.

Proficiency in English
In addition, a good knowledge of English is required. Check the precise requirements regarding proficiency in English for international students.

Also as an HBO-student, you always need to hand over official language test results (TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge EFL).