Master Sustainable Business and Innovation

Are you interested in firms’ strategies for innovating in a sustainable way and being socially responsible? Do you want to find out more about sustainability challenges and technological options that can be used by firms to produce in a more environmental friendly manner? Do you want to gain social science knowledge that creates insight in the behaviour of organisations? Then find out more about the Master’s programme Sustainable Business and Innovation. This programme has a strong foc...
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Stanford Business Magazine Autumn 2013

Stanford businsess school
As usual, in this issue of Stanford Businesss we explore our theme from a variety of angles. For instance, we look at  how toe come up with breaktrough ideas, build more productive relationships with higher-ups in an organization, and explain an innovation that draws ideas from across categories. We examine how to overcome the limitations others impose on us — as well as those we put upon ourselves. And we discuss the theme from the perspectives of geography, ethnicity, and political identity. ...
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