Global Nomad Solutions – Your partner in carefree Nomadic Work

Global Nomad Solutions offers various services in order to make sure that you, as a Digital Nomad, are able to focus on your core activities. Global Nomad Solutions takes care of all administrative, tax-related, legal, and financial obligations, plus offers multiple services so you can achieve various economic benefits. Global Nomad Solutions is an initiative of UBS International and provides services through an innovative and comprehensive support portal. This helps Digital Nomads to work and travel the world without worries, in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We fully understand the unique challenges that Digital Nomads face, and with tailor-made solutions, we support Digital Nomads in making their travels, stays, and related financial matters go smoothly, successfully and more over: in a sustainable manner.

The Global Nomad Solutions support portal includes the following services:

Tax & Legal advice

Our team of international tax and legal experts ensures that you are fully aware of visa requirements, taxes, and other business matters. Based on your situation, and needs, we are able to offer solutions that suit your circumstances and provide the most advantages for you. Therefore, we offer personalized advice to ensure that you always comply with relevant laws and regulations, both in the present and for the future.

Emigration and business setup(s) services

Based on your situation, we assist you in deciding whether or not to emigrate, guide you in setting up a business and related matters.

(Investor) visas & residence permits

In extension of the above mentioned, we also take care of the complex task of obtaining the right (investor) visas and residence permits for you. Our team is familiar with the specific requirements of different countries and will ensure that you are in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, so you can focus on your work and adventures.

Tax optimization

Our team will take care of all tax-related issues and burdens related to your situation. We analyze your situation thoroughly and offer concrete strategies to simplify your tax filing and structure fiscal obligations in accordance with laws and regulations that suit your circumstances.

Financial administration

We handle all your financial administration and the corresponding obligations regarding laws and regulations. You will be able to access accurate information at all times and you can ask questions to our financial specialists through the support portal.

Privacy protection

We offer guidance and tools to protect your (personal) data and (digital) privacy before, during, and throughout your travels. Our team is up-to-date with the latest tools and rules for data protection and will ensure that you stay safe and compliant.

Insurance, social security, investment solutions and housing

Global Nomad Solutions provides access to comprehensive international and alternative insurance and investment options that suit your unique situation. We advise you on the best options to meet security requirements and achieve economic value in the countries where you work and reside. In light of the latter, UBS/GNS offers a housing portfolio to ensure you also have an excellent place to live. All housing options provided by UBS/GNS are qualified as ‘high quality’ and are guaranteed as such.


In case you have the ambition to expand your business, or would like to enhance and strengthen your knowledge and skills, Global Nomad Solutions offers its business management programs in collaboration with Utrecht Business School through the support portal. A lecturer and/or expert is always available for questions, no matter the time zone.

International (business) network

You automatically become a member of the Global Nomad Solutions network, worldwide! Through our network, you can connect with like-minded individuals and potential clients. We organize various events worldwide related to your career and personal situation, such as trade trips, knowledge tours, business dinners and much more.

Coaching / Business Consulting

In addition to the educational opportunities in the support portal, you can also benefit from lecturers  and/or experts who coach or guide you. Our teachers and/or experts come from both education and the business world and have years of experience. By utilizing their expertise, you can efficiently address your business challenges!


Want to know what value we can realize for you? We have developed a quickscan in order to offer you the best solution(s). Conduct the quickscan and receive feedback from one of our advisors within 24 hours!

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