Master’s programme in Multinational Corporate Finance

In a continuously globalizing world economy, multinational companies play an increasingly important role. The scientific masters specialization Multinational Corporate Finance aims at providing students with the necessary knowledge and skill set to become professional and successful financial managers in multinational corporations. The masters program provides students with ‘state of the art' scientific and practical knowledge in corporate finance and financial accounting, focusing on all import...
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Master Sustainable Business and Innovation

Are you interested in firms’ strategies for innovating in a sustainable way and being socially responsible? Do you want to find out more about sustainability challenges and technological options that can be used by firms to produce in a more environmental friendly manner? Do you want to gain social science knowledge that creates insight in the behaviour of organisations? Then find out more about the Master’s programme Sustainable Business and Innovation. This programme has a strong foc...
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Master Communication Science: Corporate Communication

The Corporate Communication track within the Master's Programme in Communication Science gives a broad understanding of the communication of commercial and non-profit organisations with their environment and society. An important question within Corporate Communication is: How are communication strategies being developed, approved, implemented and evaluated? A vital aspect to note is the public responsibility of organisations, especially in relation to public opinion and the public deb...
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Master Accounting & Control

Control the finer points of financial management and financial statements, master the world of accountancy and corporate governance IFRS: a help or a headache? Well, maybe the International Financial Reporting Standards are a bit of both. But rest assured, this Master’s will give you a solid grounding in IFRS, one that will enable you to understand the increasing complexity of state-of-the-art financial reporting. How much is too much? The rewards reaped by top managers are the subject o...
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Master ICT in Business

The Master’s in ICT in Business aims at providing a deeper understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities engendered by the rapid changes in information and communication technology (ICT) and its applications over recent years. These changes have caused major changes for individuals, organisations and industries. The internet, and information systems and communication technology in general, have radically impacted our personal and professional lives. Communication technology has ch...
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Master International Financial Management

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How do you manage international financial transactions or handle the complexities of foreign capital investments? And what about managing alliances with foreign parties? This programme will teach you. The Master's degree programme in International Financial Management (IFM) focuses on the different aspects of financial management in an international business environment. You will develop the skills needed to become a financial manager in an international firm or organization. Important c...
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Master Innovation Management

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The Innovation Management Master's program focuses on the issues of how to analyze, design and manage new product processes in technology-driven firms. Because in today’s turbulent business environment where innovation often involves (quasi) external acquisition of technology and/or close collaboration with customers, suppliers and competitors, open innovation is a vital perspective. The program also pays attention to other forms of new business development, including entrepreneurship ...
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Master Management of Technology (MoT)

In the Management of Technology programme you learn to explore and understand technology as a corporate resource - a resource that allows a firm to keep many different balls in the air. It shows how firms can use technology to design and develop products and services that maximise customer satisfaction on the one hand, while maximising corporate productivity, profitability and competitiveness on the other. The programme addresses challenging questions most companies face such as: What t...
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Master Management, Economics and Consumer Studies

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Hoe komen goederen en diensten tot stand, hoe komen ze bij de consument terecht, en wat gebeurt er daarna mee? Deze vragen leer je te beantwoorden bij de master Management, Economics and Consumer Studies. De opleiding richt zich op de bedrijfskundige, economische en sociologische processen van de 'agrivoedselketen'. Denk hierbij bijvoorbeeld aan vraagstukken rondom milieu, duurzame bedrijfsvoering, voedselvoorziening, consumentengedrag, marketing of facility management. De master Management, Eco...
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Master strategisch human resource management

Wat kan een organisatie doen om goed te presteren? De beste medewerkers werven, investeren in opleiding en ontwikkeling, coachend managen, het werk zo organiseren dat medewerkers de mogelijkheden hebben om professioneel te werken, goed belonen – of een slimme combinatie van al deze elementen? Hoe gaan organisaties om met hun omgeving? Nemen ze hun maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid? Wat is de publieke dimensie van human resource management? Als dergelijke vragen je interesseren, ben je aan he...
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