Stanford Business Magazine summer 2013

Stanford businsess schoolIt’s remarkable how often the theme of balance comes up at Stanford GSB — but not always where you might think. When Tony Blair visited last year, he described how he learned to weigh the day’s must-dos with the need to take time to think strategically. He got that advice, he said, from Bill Clinton, which suggests that the quest for balance in life challenges even those in the highest echelons of power. (You can find a video of the former prime minister discussing this, and many other videos, stanfordbusiness.) Other people, including those at much earlier stages in their careers, think balance is a waste.  Better, they say, to drive forward at top speed in the direction in which they feel they can make the biggest difference.  In this issue of Stanford Business, we take a broad view of the theme, In our lives section, Myra Strober shares her perspective on work-life balance, a subject on which she taught a class for decades before retiring last year. In our Organizations section, we explore why companies need to balance innovation with tradition. We also talk to the founder of an outfit that’s trying to redress the imbalance in employee diversity at technology firms. In our World section, we look at ecological imbalances, bringing you up close to climate change in Antarctica. We hope you find these pieces useful and engaging.

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